16th June 2015: Draxler to Arsenal rumour resurfaces as TremendArse is born

Evening Planet Arsenal. TremendArse will, I hope, develop into a daily blog about Arsenal Football Club.

As I write, countless more footballers will no doubt be linked with a move to the club, as silly season continues to stoke and simmer.

Julian Draxler was mentioned again today and this pleases me. I think he’s a great prospect.

Julian Draxler – extraordinarily gifted German attacker

I’m assuming his injury problems are simply a common case of ‘youngfootballeritis’ which blights so many up-and-coming players and not something more serious.

I do like the idea of him playing centrally up front but also the fact he can play wide and also deeper in midfield. He reminds me a little of Ross Barkley, only more refined.

I’ll leave you with highlights of his 2014-15 campaign and be back with some more waffle etc soon I hope.

In a bit peeps.

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