4th July 2015: Podolski is a lion as Sanchez prepares for Copa America final

Afternoon all. I hope everyone’s making the most of the stunning sunshine in England today. Because it probably won’t last. Unless you’re off to live in sunnier climes of course, like one of our players.

Although not yet confirmed by Arsenal.com, Lukas Podolski has has been presented as a Galatasaray player on a reported 3 year contract.

The German international immediately took to twitter to declare ‘I am a Lion’, as the Turkish side’s president revealed his club had chased Podolski’s signature for quite some time.


Lukas has left the building

Speaking at Podolski’s unveiling, Dursun Aydin Ozbek said:

Podolski was a player we have been following for a long time. We have met the expectations of our fans. We think he will serve us for many years.

So we have the first big departure of the close-season and one which has been on the cards for quite some time. Poldi gets games and we free up squad space and some substantial wages for new signing/contract renewals etc. Win win. Not much more to say really, other than I hope one of the English clubs not named Arsenal get Gala in Europe, and our now former number nine scores a hatful.

Moving on and for those suffering from football withdrawal, there is the mouthwatering prospect of Chile v Argentina in the final of this year’s Copa America to look forward to tonight. Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez will be hoping to help Chile to their first win in the competition, in what will be their fifth final.

I have to say I’m surprised at the lack of media attention over here for a tournament which showcases some of the best football and most skillful players the game has to offer. It’s always been this way from what I can remember, but it was this tournament which gave me a first glimpse of Ronaldinho’s abilities back in the late nineties – there is always scouting to be done for budding Steve Rowleys. These days, with a more globalised game, we’re far more familiar with the stars of south America so the relative lack of interest makes even less sense.

Anyway, it should be great game at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, as Sanchez, Vidal and company swap step-overs with the likes of Messi, Aguero and Pastore. There are live streams all over the place if you don’t have Premier Sports.

And that’s all I have for you. See you on Sunday, when with a little creative license, the papers will have some tenuous Arsenal transfer links for me to comment on, in addition to what will hopefully be another match-winning performance from Sanchez in a major final.

¡Buena suerte! Alexis!


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