20th August 2015: ‘Wellington Silva is absolutely stunning’

Evening all. Not wishing to déjà vu you or anything, but only the briefest of posts today, because there’s very little going on.

Of course, we don’t play until Monday night, when we take on the most boring midfield in football history, as James Milner and Jordan Henderson bring their sleep-inducing, uncultured, club-footed ‘talents’ to Emirates stadium, to be side-stepped and passed around by Arsenal’s artisans.

But discussing Liverpool’s lynch-pins will keep, as there’s still a few days yet before the chuckle brothers come to town and also far more interesting issues to take a look at in the interim, like for instance, should I opt for just peanut butter on my toast, or go crazy and have peanut butter and margarine?

So much choice – a bit like deciding which Championship team to watch this year, after both clubs confirmed Wellington Silva’s season-long loan at Bolton today, taking Arsenal’s representation in the second-tier of English football to six.

And in what is the first instance ever, I can recall Arsene Wenger speaking about the Brazilian winger, he’s been telling the official site why he thinks Wellington’s signature will prove a successful snare for Neil Lennon and his club:

He’s a creative, tricky, quick player. He’s absolutely stunning to watch and I believe Bolton will be surprised by his quality. I believe he will do extremely well because he has gained a lot of experience in Spain, he has come back to England and I am confident he will have a big impact in the Championship.

That is high praise indeed from the boss and also, music to my ears – a sort of semi-confirmation of my eye for a talent. That said, I also thought Arturo Lupoli and Quincy Owusu-Abeyie were destined for great things at one time, so…

But I’ll admit it freely, I rate Wellington very, very highly. He’s from the same generation of Brazilian players as Philippe Coutinho and Neymar and played at youth level with that illustrious duo. That of course doesn’t mean he’s as good as them but Silva was selected in higher age groups for his national side because he was so highly rated as a teen.

I think his work permit woe, lasting four years as it did, really set him back, denying him the chance to work with a manager known for his development of young promise into top-level performers and prevented him from realising his precocious potential much earlier.

And such is the nature of top level football, sometimes you can miss your chance through injury or as in this case, administrative barriers, and never be afforded another one, no matter how naturally-gifted you are.

So despite the delay in his arrival to these shores, I’m still backing our boy from Brazil to make his mark on the Championship, before returning to Arsenal next summer, rejecting serious interest from top clubs all around Europe to declare his undying love for the cannon and carry our club to every cup in sight. No pressure Silva son.

But first he has to prove himself at Bolton and their official club site caught up with Sky Sports’ Guillem Balague for his expert take on what Wellington can offer the Trotters, following four years in Spain at various clubs. Here’s what he told them:

Last season Almeria were a team that didn’t really create much going forward and they were on the backfoot for a lot of games. As a result they ended up playing long balls forward often and that was something Wellington struggled with. When he did get the ball in at his feet he was able to create opportunities. He’s useful in one on one situations and is a fast and explosive player. There are less and less of this type of player in the market, because nowadays players have to be more tactically aware and ultimately take fewer risks. He is someone who can improve and will want to impress. He can make the difference and be more effective in the shorter spaces, rather than over a long distance. He’s someone who will think in his own way when he has the ball and is someone to be excited about.

So that’s me, Arsene and Guillem bigging up the wizardry of Wellington now. What greater trio of talent-tipsters could you ask for? Time for our samba starlet to show he can be a bona fide samba star. Over to you Wellz…

Til Friday.

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