1st September 2015: World class words

I’d like to assure you I’ve been working very hard day and night to find the world class words that could enhance this blog. Sadly, I have to confess I couldn’t secure any available ones better than I already have.

However, I’m certain I can improve my overall writing with practice, making it more cohesive and fluent, and will re-assess the situation in January. By then, new words may have been added to the dictionary and previously overlooked or disregarded ones may have been brought to my attention or become more attractive.

And I’m still confident this blog can be successful because sometimes, you can have too many words and certain words just aren’t worth the hassle. They can be too old, too incompatible with others and generally of little use in a vocabulary.

On the other hand, the right balance and depth of words is vital and so, over time, I may find I’m actually a little short of options to fulfill my blogging ambitions. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, I think it’s worth remembering it could be worse. I may have found the perfect word to do a job for me, only to see it rendered incomprehensible due to an eleventh-hour typo. In that unfortunate scenario, I’d be forced into a follow-up statement detailing why, how and when the balls-up had occurred.

See you tomorrow.

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