2nd May 2016: Welbeck and Giroud on Norwich win

Evening all. Yesterday’s post was short, today’s will be microscopic, like Jose Mourinho’s humility. So Leicester aren’t quite champions yet after only drawing at Manchester United yesterday but hopefully they will be later today because anything bar a Tottenham win at Chelsea tonight will hand the Foxes their first-ever Premier League title. I feel a bit very dirty saying this but just for today: I want Chelsea to win.

But back to Arsenal and the two men involved in creating and scoring our goal against Norwich on Saturday have been speaking about the game. First up it’s the goalscorer Danny Welbeck, who said:

When you are on the bench, you want to come on and make an impact. Thankfully I got the goal and it was a difficult game with Norwich trying to avoid relegation and they were fighting until the end. We had to win this game to get the three points. It was a good win for us. I think it is one of this things as a player where you have to focus on the match and not too much on the surroundings (protests). Obviously the fans are so important to football clubs, and it is something you have to respect. Everyone has an opinion but we just have to do our stuff on the pitch. It is down to the manager, but I want to play every single game as players do. Being out for such a long time and coming back, you have to get back into match fitness. As you can tell, I’m blowing and I only played 30 minutes. It was nice, and I want to keep on playing games and building up my fitness. I think I have been asked this 1,000 times. I prefer to play as a striker, but once I’m on the pitch I’m going to do my best and try to win the game for my team. Everyone is very disappointed (we didn’t win the league). We knew it was a great opportunity for us to go for the title this season. It is difficult to handle with the way it has ended. It has not ended yet, but the way it is ending, I think we know in ourselves and as a club we should be doing better. We want to finish above Spurs, but obviously they want to finish above us. It is going to be difficult and we want to win our remaining two games in the season.

Whilst Giroud told Arsenal Player:

It is always nice for a striker to score or assist a team-mate. I’m pleased to be back, not on the scoresheet but on the assist sheet. I’m used to playing for my team-mates and I try to help them when I can. If I cannot finish the work, I try to play for them. This one reminded me of another goal, it was like Theo’s against Leicester. I try to play with my first instinct and be efficient, but even if I didn’t score I’m pleased with that assist and I will try to keep working. I will work hard to get the confidence back and the goals as well. We are very pleased with the three points because it was not a fantastic game from the team. The thing is, we never give up and we trust in our game until the end. We could have scored more, and we played a team who are fighting to not go down. We knew it was going to be a tough game and we expected that. We are very pleased to win this game because it was not easy but we have to do much better.

Being a bank holiday in England today I’m going to leave it there, because with work to look forward to in a few short hours, I really should make the most of what’s left of my long weekend.

See you later.

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