28th June 2015: Views on Vidal as Ljungberg gives his seal of approval

Afternoon all. I want to touch on the Arturo Vidal links today, seeing as they continue to pin-ball off media publications and twitter feeds, like precise passes off Santi Cazorla’s ambidextrous in-steps.

The transfer-rumour-untangling masters over at Sport Witness, had this to say on the matter of the Chilean’s alleged move to the Gunners back in May and revisited the story yesterday morning. Both are well worth a read and clinically decipher the drivel from the dubious.

Their first post suggests a common case of chinese whispers and when considered alongside Arsene Wenger’s words after our FA Cup Final win last month, when he said: “We have good midfielders, and at the moment we are not looking at Arturo Vidal”, there seems little chance of a move materialising.

Yet the caveat in that quote is clearly ‘at the moment’ and the question was only posed to him following reports of the presence of Vidal’s agent at Wembley that day. Sport Witness’ latest offering reads far more hopeful for those wishing for the Juventus man’s signing. Their main issue with regards to validity, is the likelyhood of Wenger spending around £20 million on a player who turned 28 in May.

Incidentally, that has been my view all along – it would be very unlike the manager to spend relatively extravagantly on someone of that age. Particularly when, as he said himself, we are so well-stocked in central midfield.

But that aside, we have seen a tangible change in tact from the club in the last two years and dare I say it, a refreshingly ruthless streak when making room to reinforce the squad. David Ospina will, in all probability, make way for Petr Cech and it would not be surprising to see one or both of Mikel Arteta and Mathieu Flamini being moved on to accommodate Vidal.

“Arsenal really want me?”

I think it’s fair to suggest that Vidal, irrespective of being a ‘different type’ of player to either of those two, would be a huge upgrade quality-wise. His belligerent, non-stop play, combined with a downright nasty streak, reminds me a little of Gennaro Gattuso – only with more goals.

The fact he’s currently a ‘number 8’ or a ‘box-to-box’ midfielder does not mean he cannot be successful in a deeper, destroying role at Arsenal. After all, Arsene deploys Arteta in a Xabi Alonso-esque position despite him being stationed further up the pitch while at Everton. Whatever your views of his talents and off-field controversies though, he usually tends to ‘bust his balls’ for the collective cause – as Sanchez recently demanded he do for Chile.

Anyway, I’m getting a little carried away here, what with there being nothing else to talk about Arsenal-wise today. It’s probably all nonsense. Yet that hasn’t stopped Harry Kane’s favourite player and Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg from revealing his views on Vidal when he spoke to Sport360.com recently.

He said:

There were some rumours about Vidal, a great player, and he gets fuming if he loses the ball, so I like that. That kind of player would be great for the club. Look at Sanchez. After the World Cup in South Africa I said I wanted us to buy him, when he was at Udinese. He is quality but he also works hard as well. He has speed. When he loses the ball he still fights for it and that’s what I like to see.

Freddie then went on to big up Arsenal’s title hopes. You can read the full quotes from his interview here.

Right. That’s that for today. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Hopefully a certain Czech will pop up on Arsenal.com adorned in red and white tomorrow, to give us all a boost at the start of another working week.

See you then.

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